September 16th Harvest Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

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September 16th Harvest Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

I’m feeling the power of amethyst energy today on the Harvest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces. Today’s full moon reveals wounds from the past, from this lifetime and past lifetimes, that reappear and come to the surface. They aren’t meant to harm us. They simply are reminders of where we were and where we are today. And they say “peer deep into the darkness, look for the hurt, carry your inner child with the father and mother side of you and bring that hurt and darkness to the light. Mother and Father yourself. Then that hurt will transform and become the gift that will carry you forward, allowing you to be of ultimate service first for yourself, then for others.”

Today I pulled Integration, card XIV, from the Vision Quest Tarot deck. This card is about Union of male and female energies to help one find balance, true form, and harmony. The birds depicted on the card are representing the transformational process. Again, surrender to it, find the ease, and allow the process to unfold as it should. Then, like the birds in the picture, we become unstuck, we can take flight, express ourselves creatively, and find our freedom from the past that used to weigh us down.

Amethyst energy is perfect for today’s moon and this process. This crystal is for higher guidance and spirituality. Often called “the sobriety stone” it’s metaphysical powers ease anxiety, fears, and promote a sense of faith and peace. Moving fears and anxiety to the higher triangle of the body, the third eye and crown chakras, will transform the energy to higher guidance. This is perfect for today’s emotional process.

Have a beautiful day friends. Burn some sage with lavender today. Trust the process. And look for the gift. Much love and warm Reiki healing light 🙌🏼✨✨✨

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