New Moon Black Candle Magic

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New Moon Black Candle Magic

It is a great ritual to burn candles after a New Moon. For this past New Moon in Aries while the sun was in Libra I chose to burn a black candle mixed with Apache Tears and Dragon Blood. Apache Tears cleanses grief, negative energy, and anything that is not serving you, bodily or energy wise.  Dragon Blood also cleanses dark energy and removes any curses or lingering darkness that needs to be dispelled from the air.

This candle, stone, and herb mixture cleanses the air of any negative energies that you are ready to release out of your body and life.  After burning the candle it is ritual to dispose of the candle and any contents left over, such as the Apache Tears, so that the dark energy that was absorbed can have a final release from your sphere.

Since we had the finish of Mercury Retrograde last Friday it makes sense to let go of old patterns, cleanse the air and cells of negative ions, and make room for positive and welcoming new vibrations. It is the perfect time to think “What am I ready to release from my life?  And after that is released, what new higher vibrations am I willing to accept and make space for?”

Black candle magic can help with this wonderful process of release, cleanse, and letting go. Happy new moon magic friends. Much love and warm Reiki healing light.

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