Mudra Of The Day – Mushtika Mudra

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Mudra Of The Day – Mushtika Mudra

For the past few weeks I’ve been recovering first from a chest cold and then the stomach flu. It’s been a rough few weeks and now my body is starting to feel recovered.

After my morning Kundalini meditation called “Start Recognizing Your Identity” I pulled the mudra for the day, which is Mushtika Mudra. This is a solar plexus mudra for determination. It assists with spiritual discipline, transformation, and willpower.

Due to my sickness the past few weeks, this mudra has the perfect benefits for me- optimized digestion and assimilation of nutrients, and supports the kidneys and adrenal glands. It also cultivates determination and commitment to releasing self-limiting beliefs, which compliments the 40 day Kundalini meditation that I am practicing.

To do this mudra curl the fingers of both hands inward nestled into the palms. Join both hands together so that the heels of the hands and second joints of the fingers are touching. Raise both thumbs up towards the sky and touch and bring them together. Hold the mudra gently in the abdomen. Sit tall and relax the shoulders away from the ears.

Have a beautiful day friends, much love and warm Reiki healing light 🙌🏽✨✨✨

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