Message From Shaman

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Message From Shaman

Today’s message comes from Shaman. We all have inner talents, healing gifts, and the ability to seek answers from our elders, ancestors, spirit guides, and animal wisdom. This is an innate gift in all of us. However, with modern technologies, shifts in the health of the earth, and cultural changes we have quickly disassociated with our inner powers and the art of being a human being. Shaman has appeared to remind us of who we truly are, at our core.

In today’s society we are often feeling displaced and seeking that something that is “missing”. Shaman reminds us that nothing is really missing- only you. We are so caught up with dissolutions of others and what life should be like. This takes us away from what is most important, in the heart, and our loving connections with the earth and all living beings around us.

It’s time to tap back into our inner healing and magical qualities. Just like an unused muscle, they are there waiting to be discovered. We might feel displaced at first when reuniting with these gifts but just remember- they will take us on the path to ultimate liberation.

Thank you, Shaman, for appearing to us today. We have the utmost respect for you and will accept the message to find our roots and discover who we really are.

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