Eating Green For 40 Days

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Eating Green For 40 Days



“Simple Food is very simple. The simpler you eat, the healthier you become. It is very difficult to eat simple food. Therefore, in therapy, there is always a mono diet. Have just one thing to eat.” – Yogi Bhajan, 7/12/1983


Sat Nam friends,

Since November of last year I have been attending a Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program at Golden Bridge in Santa Monica, California. It has been an amazing journey and I have met so many quality people and gained sacred relationships with my peers and teachers. Experiencing Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan has been such a blessing and has transformed my relationship with myself, others, and my journey as a healer on this planet earth.

In one of my teacher training weekends we discussed the Yogic Diet: Ayurveda, vegetarianism, healing foods, and the benefits of cleansing and fasting. We learned about the 40 Day Green Mono Diet. This is a diet that has numerous benefits, such as alkalizing the body, clearing the skin, losing weight, and cleans mucous from the body. What attracted me most with this diet is that anything naturally green is allowed – green apples, kiwi, green lentils, kale, pumpkin seeds, and olive oil. All is good just as long as its naturally GREEN! Other foods are allowed, such as spices, garlic, honey, and soya sauce. For additional protein, the diet allows one serving of cooked grains and one handful of pistachios to stabilize protein levels once per week.

The last cleanse I completed was the Master Cleanse where I only consumed water with lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup along with morning salt water flushes and peppermint tea. The longest I could stand this cleanse was 10 days since I usually got very weak, had headaches and nausea, and was moody and drowsy. The Master Cleanse was never an easy or pleasant process and I was always looking forward to its end. This green diet seemed so much easier than drinking liquids for 10 days straight!

My partner, Amy, and I decided to do this cleanse together and support one another throughout the process.   The diet recommends first trying it for 10 days and seeing how it’s going. If you feel good, then go for 40 days! Amy and I first discussed 10 days, starting the day after Valentine’s Day. Of course we had a rich meal the night before our Kundalini Green Diet journey at one of our favorite vegan restaurants, the Sun Café in Studio City, California. The next morning, February 15, 2016, was officially our first day! We ordered a lot of fresh greens from our weekly produce delivery service, Farm Fresh To You, which consisted of produce such as avocados, kale, kiwis, celery, cabbage, broccoli, and all other sorts of green vegetables and fruits. We also went to our local Hollywood Farmer’s Market on Sundays to pick up other items, such as green onion, broccoflower, green olives, zucchini, and other green fruits and vegetables. Amy and I also discovered an amazing fettuccini pasta on Thrive Market by Explore Asian made from organic edamame, mung beans, and water. It is so delicious paired with fresh pesto made with olive oil, pistachios, sea salt, garlic, and basil! High in protein and packed with nutrients, this pasta is much better than traditional fettuccini!

Since Amy and I were already vegans, going without meat and dairy was no problem at all. We’re also sober, so going without alcohol was a breeze. However, we discovered that in order to be successful at this diet it requires a lot of creativity. We had so much fun coming up with new ideas, such as replacing oatmeal for breakfast with hot mung beans sprinkled with cinnamon and honey, lettuce cups with mashed avocado and other greens instead of tacos or sandwiches, green smoothies made with fresh green fruits and vegetables, and sliced green apples warmed with cinnamon for dessert instead of ice cream. Amy and I also created some protein packed soups made with broccoflower and broccoli and a hearty cabbage and mung bean. We eventually purchased the Veggetti, which is a vegetable spiralizer that helps create noodle like meals with fresh vegetables. We prepared creative green meals, such as pasta and hashbrowns made from zucchini.  The Veggetti made the diet so fun and now it is a commonly used device in our kitchen today!

In addition to having fun with the creativity of cooking, Amy and I started to see other benefits of the Kundalini Mono Green Diet and decided to commit to 40 days!

Here are 11 benefits that we experienced on the 40 Day Kundalini Green Mono Diet:

#1: No hunger!- Eat whatever you want, just as long as it’s naturally green!

#2: Be creative! – Instead of pasta eat spiraled zucchini. Want chips and salsa? Substitute cucumber slices and dip in salsa verde. Want something sweet and crunchy? Try Bare Fruit’s Natural Granny Smith Apple Chips or snack on your favorite seaweed snack!

#3: Don’t check out with food! – We tend to consume high amounts of sugar and fat if we are depressed, excited, moody, or anxious. This diet allows you to stay stabilized and brings awareness to our relationship with food.

#4: Cravings are under control! – Because sugary foods, caffeine, and addictive foods like chocolate are not allowed on this diet cravings start to decrease and dependence on them goes away.

#5: Moody blues are minimized! – Amy and I both noticed that our moods were more “even keeled.” Since we weren’t amped up on high sugar, caffeine, and fatty foods we were able to stay in a neutral mindset and stabilize our emotions.

#6: Faster brain processing and heightened intuition! – Because we weren’t consuming toxins our thinking was clearer and our third eye was wide open as we alkalized our bodies!

#7: Body energy awareness increases! – As a healer I noticed energy shifts throughout my body, more so then on my regular diet.

#8: Energy and stamina increases! – Amy and I went out for a run and it was one of the most pleasant runs we’ve ever had. Our usual 5k was much easier and more enjoyable. Yoga was also highly energizing and fun!

#9: My asthma symptoms were minimized significantly! – I was diagnosed with asthma as a teenager and experienced a lot of congestion and wheezing throughout my life. On the Green Diet mucous was almost non-existent, which helped me breath better, and wheezing was not prevalent.

#10: Savings increased! – Since we made most of our meals at home we saved a lot of money on eating out!

#11: We lost weight and our skin was more vibrant! – Amy lost 7 pounds and I lost 12 pounds! Our skin and eyes also became much more radiant.

Amy and I ended our 40-day journey with the Kundalini Mono Green Diet on Good Friday, which was March 25, 2016. This was Amy’s first cleanse and the fact that she stuck to it for 40 days was so amazing!  After its completion, we eased back into regular foods by first consuming a variety of rainbow fruits and vegetables. Since the diet’s completion it’s been very easy for me to keep off the weight and watch my relationship with food. Unlike my experience with the Master Cleanse, the Green Diet taught me how to be creative, choose foods for health benefits, and minimize sugars and caffeine from my body so I can be more present for those around me and a better healer for myself and others. It was so pleasant and easy with numerous benefits, I couldn’t be more grateful for the journey.

“To begin with, all food was considered as human medicine. Food is the medicine which creates equilibrium.” – Yogi Bhajan, Beads of Truth Winter 1992

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* As with any diet, please consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner to determine if the 40 Day Green Mono Diet by Yogi Bhajan is right for you.



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