Balance with the Black Moon in Libra

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Balance with the Black Moon in Libra

Happy Friday and Black New Moon in Libra friends. Today’s new moon in Libra gives us another chance to start something new, reflect on matters of the heart, and locate where we can use some balance.

We can first check in with the physical heart. How healthy are the heart and lungs? The heart is the largest electromagnetic field in the body and it’s so important to cleanse and keep this sacred part of the body clean and clear. Often referred to as the “heart brain”, the heart has cells that some say are much smarter than those located in the brain. So rather than thinking with the head, we can make wiser and compassionate decisions with the heart. Some ways to keep this center clear and strong are with breath of fire, meditation, yoga, energy healing, and crystals.

Some crystals that amplify and strengthen the physical heart center are ocean jasper, moss agate, and fushite blended with kyanite. Another powerful crystal, shown here, is green tourmaline growing in quartz. The quartz amplifies the healing properties of the green tourmaline, bringing physical healing and clearing of the heart.

Today I pulled The Lovers card, which is all about union, love, and joy! This card resonates so strongly with the heart center and finding that place of balance. Balancing the feminine, masculine, the sun and the moon, the activating and the calming. The Lovers can depict the relationships around us, whether romantic, close friendships, or partnerships. Most importantly it can tell the story about the relationship with yourself. Are you partnered closely with you? Is your life aligned with your inner soul’s wants and desires? What needs to happen to bring some balance to the relationship with the self and others?

During this next moon cycle let’s work on balance, strengthening matters of the physical and compassionate heart, and aligning ourselves with our soul’s desires.

Have a beautiful day friends. Much love and warm Reiki healing light.

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